Dansk Jagtakademi

The Danish Academy of Hunting in ENGLISH

The Danish Academy of Hunting is a private consultant assisting in sustainable hunting and wildlife management at all levels.

The company is established by Niels Kanstrup, M Sc in Biology. Niels Kanstrup has since 1985 acted at the Danish and international nature conservation scene, through executive positions as Director of Wildlife Management, President of the CIC Migratory Birds Commission and Member of the AEWA Technical Committee.

The Danish Academy of Hunting:

  • Assists in analysis and development of management strategies.
  • Advises the Danish Ministry of Defence in nature conservation planning.
  • Advises the Forestry College (University of Copenhagen) in wildlife management. Specific expertise:
    • Sustainable hunting
    • Migratory birds
    • Avian Influenza
    • Co-management
    • Non-toxic ammunition
    • Hunting ethics


Niels Kanstrup's C.V.:

1984 graduated M.Sc. from The University of Aarhus. 

1985 employed by the Danish hunter's organisations.

1992 - 2007 Director of Wildlife Management, The Danish Hunters' Association

1988 - 2001 Member (deputy) of the FACE Board

2002 ff President of the CIC Migratory Birds Commission

2005 ff Member of AEWA Technical Committee

2007 ff Established as a privat consultant

2017 ff Adjunct associated prof at University of Aarhus, Dep. of Bioscience.